Why do I need a property insurance?

It’s where you live and where your possessions are. Chances are, it’s your greatest asset. But more than possessions and assets, it’s your homeand you need to protect it.

Property Insurance helps provide peace of mind when:

* Bad things happen. Simply put, insurance provides a safety net for you and your family when certain unfortunate events happen like theft, fire, burglary and vandalismYou need liability and guest medical protection too. For example, if your neighbor slips and falls in your kitchen, you might need these coverages to help pay for medical expenses.

* You need to replace, repair or rebuild. If your home were destroyed by fire today, you’d need the financial resources to replace or repair it.

Your lender requires it. When you buy your house, you’ll probably need to provide your policy “in hand” at your closing. If you’re building a new home, you may need to have special coverage while your new home is being built.

You have special items. Protect more than your home; protect special items such as jewelry, silverware, business property, cameras, cellular phones and more with extended coverage options.