Profitable property investment strategies

So now you know why to invest in the USA, it is time to find out how. Successful property investment can only be measured in terms of profit – short, medium and long term. We have created three bespoke, powerful, investment strategies which take full advantage of the market conditions overall AND the unique factors in each location.

Strategy one is Maximum Profits, offering short-term cash profits with no long-term commitment. Target number for Maximum Profits? An astonishing 30% to 50% return on your investment in just 12 months! Location for Maximum Profits? Memphis, Tennessee.

Strategy two is Maximum Growth, which provides far-higher-than-average capital growth. This strategy can give you an amazing 100% to 300% return on your investment in 3 to 5 years! Location for Maximum Growth? Florida.

Strategy three is Maximum Income, providing the highest possible rental income from your property investment. How high is high? How about a massive 22%! Location for Maximum Income? Detroit, Michigan and Buffalo, Western New York.