Why Invest in Dubai Property?

If you are looking to invest in Dubai Property or Real Estate below are a number of reasons why the City is one of the most happening places on the planet right now. An investment in an apartment or villa is a big decision and one you cannot afford to take lightly here are some reasons below to give you peace of mind. Continue reading “Why Invest in Dubai Property?” »

Port Dickson properties

Port Dickson is located in the western region of Negeri Sembilan, and is around 90 km from Kuala Lumpur and 32km from Seremban. It came into being as a small town built around charcoal production, but was later developed as a small port by the British during the Strait Settlement period. It evolved into a busy trading centre with the construction of railway and other transport lines and although it now boasts 89,000 residents and an ever-increasing number of tourists, its beautiful beaches are fairly well preserved. Continue reading “Port Dickson properties” »